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Victoria's Secret PINK: "Back to You"

My Role:
project manager, producer

Agency: SEG Services

PINK was eager to reestablish a personal connection with consumers at live events after several years. After extensive brainstorming and forming partnerships, they launched the #PINKBackToYou Tour. Visitors embarked on a unique journey as they checked in and received a tote bag filled with various items to enhance their experience. Following that, they could unwind and contemplate in the "relax and reflect" area, where they had the opportunity to journal their thoughts, listen to a brief podcast on mental well-being, and take a few minutes to relax. The tour also featured multiple photo opportunities and a dance tunnel where small groups could let loose and "dance it off." Participants were encouraged to share their videos on TikTok and Instagram for a chance to win prizes in a sweepstakes. Finally, guests could express their anticipation for what they were looking forward to "getting back to" by writing on a tag and hanging it on the wall. This captivating tour spanned approximately five weeks and made stops at various locations, including malls and college campuses in Charlotte, Nashville, Atlanta, Tampa, and Columbus. 


  • Ideation / Concepts

  • Environmental Design

  • Fabrication

  • Production

  • Installation

  • Event Oversight

  • Ambassador Management

  • Influencer Partnerships

  • Travel Logistics


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